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Animal feeds

We have longstanding experience of bringing animal feeds into the UK, including all customs clearances.

The requirements for importing animal feed are similar to those for human food and drink, albeit less stringent. You still need to comply with all the requirements for port health, to make sure your load passes through port quickly and smoothly.

We’ve shipped a range of animal feeds and ingredients for many years. For example, we've handled hundreds of shipments of peanuts, almonds and cashews originating in South America, often destined to be processed into bird food in the UK.

Not every UK port can deal with every type of product, and the situation is changing all the time. We can help you optimise your shipping route into the country, so you don’t fall foul of the setup at specific UK ports.

We can even help you re-categorise a shipment as animal feed, in the event that it fails to meet the standards for food and drink.

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